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Dear Valued Customer,

In order to ensure continued protection of your company data, we have introduced a new two factor authentication system on the VodaManage portal. Your existing username and password
will remain the same however you will now also be required to enter the cell phone number that was associated with your account when it was created. Once the company name, username,
password and cell phone number have been entered successfully, you will receive an One Time Password (OTP) sent via SMS to the entered cell phone number and you will be prompted
to enter this OTP number.

If you enter an incorrect cell phone number, an error message will be displayed. To change the cell phone number associated with your account, please send your Vodacom Account Manager
a request in writing on your company letterhead, detailing your current username as well as the new cell phone number you wish to be associated with your VodaManage account and this
change will be made.

The VodaManage Team

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A person who unlawfully produces, sells, offers to sell, procures for use, designs, adapts for use, distributes or possesses any device, including a computer program or a component, which is designed primarily to overcome security measures for the protection of data, or performs any of those acts with regard to a password, access code or any other similar kind of data with the intent to unlawfully utilise such item to contravene this section, is guilty of an offence.